Saturday, July 28, 2007

Electronic Recyle

Today is the day to get rid of all my old, outdated electronics. FREE! I am saying good-bye to my 17" Sony it's day it was so state-of-the art. What a big piece of junk that is today, taking up space in my closet along with other out-of-date computers and monitors...cell phones that are big and clunky...printers. You name it, I've got it. What a great purge this will to collect the JUNK!!!!

The Start of Pie Are Square Shawl

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What is on my needles today

I am reading Elizabeth Zimmerman's - Knit Around. When I can to the chapter on the Pie Are Square Shawl, well naturally, I became fascinated by that technique. So guess what? I am knitting my version. Yesterday I went to my lys and perused the lovely fuzzies. The lace yarn that they featured seemed way too thin. There was a skein of Lorna's Laces, just one, and was the price really high. I didn't purchase it thinking I would have to buy 2 skeins to finish my project. Well....after I got home and did some math calculations, I would have been fine with the yardage in that one skein. I did purchase some lovely yarn that is working out lovely. [less yardage and about the same $ as the Lorna's Laces]. Oh well, next time.

I became confused with the "ridges" versus "rows". I have made a boo-boo at the very beginning and refused to rip it out. So, I am actually missing 6 rows in the second increase. I really hope that it doesn't matter - it really won't be true to the concept. We shall see as time goes by.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Current Reading

Knitting Elizabeth Zimmerman and her daughter Meg.

I am staying up late, and I mean late...3AM reading a chapter a night and imagining my next project and how to incorporate some of those marvelous techniques into it. Elizabeth was such a talent...drawing, painting and knitting. The digressions in the chapters are so special - I feel like I am reading her diary!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Trying So Hard

An entire morning wasted...trying so hard to put music on my web page. I have exhausted the help of the internet, most of those sites are so out of date. Haven't even picked up the kneedles yet today because so much frustration and obsession with this music thing.
I will try again tomorrow, maybe.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Lacy Socks

I have been making socks, and socks, and socks. This pair turned out with hardly any problems.
I can't wait until the weather turns cold enough to wear them. For now, they are neatly folded up in the drawer with the rest of them...

Felted Knits

Blue Tote
Finished this is wonderful. It is just waiting for me to put some "things" on it. I will try to keep it simple but I think I need to put some type of closure on it.

Felted Knits

This bag turned out really nice. I did alter the pattern just a bit. I found the handle on the pattern too fussy so I just eliminated the purse rings that were suggested to attach the I-cord handle. Instead, I grafted the ends of the handle to the body of the bag. I went crazy with embellishments - flowers, leaves, vines, bead centers for the flowers (unfortunately, those don't show up on the photo). The felting went really well too.