Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yak Tunic

A continuation of the last post from Sock Summit. Blogger is getting very testy. It would not let me post anymore photos. I wonder if anyone else has this much trouble with the program. Anyway, back to Sock Summit. I spent some time at the Bijou Basin booth. They make this lovely Yak and Bamboo yarn. Yak! who would have thought it would be so soft and blended with the bamboo it really is soft and has a lovely drape. I am making the Sweetheart Lace Tunic designed for this yarn. It is just lovely to knit with. A few days before departing on our road trip to Montana via Portland, my new Zephyr needles arrived. These are the latest interchangeable needles from Knitpicks. The points are nice for lace knitting, but they take a little getting used to however. What bothers me a little, and I am getting used to it now, they are clear so you see the back side of the yarn on the needle. At first it made me dizzy knitting with them because I had to focus my eye on the front of the needle so intensely, now I have gotten used to that so it isn't quite so bothersome. They are a little flexible and they definitely hold the yarn, maybe just a bit too much. They would be wonderful for really slippery yarns like rayon and bamboo. They are a nice addition to my collection of needles.

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Sock Summit Market

I arrived in Portland the last day of Sock Summit 2009, just in time to check out the last hour of the Market. I found this wonderful basket from Lantern Moon which is just perfect for a small project...socks!

The market was a little sleepy, but it was also the last hour of it. Lots of interesting booths to explore with unusual yarns. I didn't even see one knitting celebrity, perhaps they were preparing for the Luminary Panel, which I did not attend.

Another view of the bag. The fabric lining is beautiful cross-dyed silk.

I also purchased this soft bag from the same vendor.