Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finished, Just In Time

Kingscote. I am very pleased with this sweater - it actually fits!

Yesterday was a chilly early Spring day and it was perfect for wearing this sweater. I am so happy I got to wear it at least once before the weather warms up, which will be this week.

The buttons are clay with a light glaze and are from Incomparable. So cute!

And yes, I have a "Hand Knit by" tag to give it a completely finished look.
I ordered the tags from Charm Woven Labels. This company has lots of labels to select from and also the option to create your own.

I have joined the crowd on Twitter. I selected the name "alwaysknitting" only because "sittinandknittin" didn't fit. You only get 15 characters. Alwaysknitting is what I do anyway, so it works!

I am trying needle felting - more on that later.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Spring Fever

The sun is out and the sky is blue and I have been bitten with the Spring Fever bug.

I just ordered this book...can't wait for it to arrive some time in April.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

More Fun at Stitches West

Okay, I went a little over board at Stitches West. I just attended the Market on Friday and came home with this.

Brooksfarm Yarns: 3 skeins of Duet,
5 skeins of Solo Silk in a yummy minty green, 2 skeins of Solo Silk in a variegated green/brown/lavender color.

Berocco yarns, purchased at WEBS: 11 skeins of Pima Cotton for my Flower Child Top, 10 skeins of Seduce in a blue/green color, 10 skeins of Mica in midnight blue,and 8 skeins of Seduce in the Colorway Rye.

And a large skein of baby alpaca.

And of course, BUTTONS...BUTTONS....BUTTONS...

I have never seen so many fiber folks all in the same area. The line to buy a ticket was so long it took 35 minutes to get to the front of it. It just seemed that there were so many more people this year than last. Lines, Lines, Lines at every booth. I had a good time, saw friends and spent way too much money.

Spring Fever

My favorite knit wear designer...Norah Gaughan. The new vol.4 is out and loaded with fun Spring/Summer tops.

I have cast on using Berocco Pima, the specified yarn. I am going to make the shorter version of this lovely top and may or may not lengthen the sleeves.

The pattern is intriguing, as are most of Norah Gaughan's designs. This one is comprised of triangular shapes that sew up into a beautiful garment with just enough embellishment to make it interesting. I purchased the yarn from WEBS while I was at Stitches West. With all my other projects staring me in the face I came down with a terrible case of startitus. Bad girl. I just couldn't resist starting.

I usually don't like knitting with cotton, but let me tell you this Pima is a different animal. It knits beautifully with just a slight bit of splitting going on, not enough to be bothersome. I love the color so much, of course! It's green.

After reading the Yarn Harlot's post on her February Sweater I have decided to finish mine. I just have that last sleeve to do and sew on the buttons. Funny, I started that sweater February 2008.

Kingscote is blocking. It's still Winter so I hope I get to wear it at least once before our weather turns warm - around here in Northern California that will be in a few weeks.

I went to Stitches West on Friday...I got carried away and came home with a bundle.

Happy Knitting!