Saturday, October 27, 2007

Woolly Buggers




Yesterday, in light of the recent and ongoing fires in So. Cal I decided I should take pictures of my work that I finished at the beginning of the year...[I will be photographing the contents of our house too, but I will spare you].
So the start is with these afghans. I was in a Colinette Ab Fab obsession then. I tried my own version, same fan and feather pattern but with just two simple yarns, bulky wool and mohair. The texture and dying is what makes Colinette yarns what they are. It is really hard to go to LYS and replicate them and think you are going to save $$$...doesn't happen. That one ended up costing actually a tad bit more. I love them all. When I was gathering them up this morning to photo them, what should I find on one of them....WOOLLY Bugs! Those nasty wool, silk, anything natural fiber-eating monsters. I have had cashmere wraps ruined from them. They are carpet beetle larvae...I have almost eradicated them from the house but now that the weather is getting cooler they are reappearing...SMASH...DEAD...and then I find another. It just goes on and on.
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