Friday, April 24, 2009

Katherine's Dress

The sweet pink dress for Katherine is ready to be sent away.

This is really the first "baby" thing I have ever knit. I am going to hold onto this through the weekend, just to keep looking and touching it, then it will be packaged up and sent to my niece, Katherine's mama-to-be.

The pattern states it is for a 3 month old. I guess I don't know baby sizes very well, cause this one looks a lot larger to me. I guess that is a good thing since babies grow fast. The booties on the other hand are really small and will probably only fit the first few weeks after being born.

Check out these cute little buttons! The perfect finishing touch.
I am on the hunt for more baby things to knit. Thinking of an heirloom blanket! Posted by Picasa

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