Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunday Felting Fun

The other day I was rooting around in a closet and guess what I found? At least 5 years ago I started this felted hat and got about 3/4 the way finished, got bored I guess and put it into a tote bag with the pattern and some other interesting items [won't mention those]. I wondered what ever happened to my 24" #11 needle...yesterday I decided to finish the hat and I ended up with only 6" of yarn left...scary! I was sweating bullets thinking after all this time and I can't finish this hat. Didn't keep the info band so I have no idea what the yarn is and after 5 years it probably would never be available anyway. Felted it up - took 5 times to get it to felt in my front loader but it did finally make it's way into a wearable hat. Looks better on my head than honey bear's.
In between the looks into the washer for the felting and shrinking process I started the Noni Evening Bag with a few changes. I made it a little deeper than the pattern and I am going to change the handle so that it is all one piece instead of attaching it in pieces with rings...the bright color is more purple than the photo shows. That was a fun day of knitting while my husband studied law...I am a law widow.
Now mundane Monday...and bill paying time!

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