Monday, January 14, 2008

Mid-Winter Blues

Just finished my Blue Plate Special hat, aka Red Light Special by Jared Flood. It turned out quite nicely and I believe it will actually fit my husbands large head! I was heading out side this afternoon to clean up the mess from last week's storms but I am losing my interest rapidly. The sun had faded away to high clouds making everything look steely grey and down right chilly out there. Maybe tomorrow will be a nicer day?

So, the hat...used #3 for the ear liner and #5 for the body. The pattern calls for 4 colors but I used what I had on hand as this was a test to see if I wanted to change anything or even liked the pattern before I knit it up, as promised, for my stepson...a late Christmas present. We will be skiing in March so I have plenty of time to get this done. The Blue Plate Special only took a couple of days so no sweat. I am going to order the Telemark Yarn from Knit Picks this week so while I am waiting I can work on a few other WIP...i.e. trying to finish up The Russian Coat and all those socks I have started.

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The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog said...

Beautiful. I can't believe that only took you a couple of days. I'm toying with trying some colorwork - can't decide between mitts or a hat :)

Knitted Gems said...

This hat looks amazing! I can't believe all the color detail you put into it. I still avoid color knitting like the plague. Someday I will conquer my fears.

Emele said...

Keep up the good work.