Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year Turkeys

After riding out one of the worst storms I have experienced here (Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area) what should appear after the hurricane force winds and sideways rain subsided- Turkeys! Hope that isn't any indication of what my new year will be filled with! They are so prehistoric looking, something you might find at Jurassic Park.

The power came back on last night around 2 AM after being out for almost 12 hours. I tried to knit yesterday afternoon in the dim storm day light but didn't get much done before my eyes and body gave out...hard to get going from no sleep and all the tension from that horrible storm.
I live in Fairfax, CA...on a hill surrounded by over 30 very large oak trees and lots of California Bays and Madrones...I was terrified that one of them was going to fall on the house or take out a window. I wasn't too afraid of flooding because we are on a hill of rock, just the wind and it's damaging force. I lost only one oak that fell and at least it was on the back side of the house and fell down hill away from any structure. I haven't walked around the rest of the house to see if there is any other damage...shingle house. I did find a few shingles in the driveway but they look like an easy repair.
Now we are into the next storm. Started just about an hour ago and so far it is like a baby version of yesterdays nightmare, there is wind and lots of rain and hopefully the power will stay on. I was so cold last night.

Knitting wise I am trying to finish up another pair of Dashing Mitts for my stepson so he can take them with him to Shanghai when he goes next Sunday and I am half finished with the Inga Hat. Pictures later.
What a start to a New Year! But ya know, I think its going to be a good year, I really do.

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Anonymous said...

During that storm our power was out for 53 hours. I was too cold even to knit - my fingers were frozen!