Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Finished the Soleil Top last week. Two things wrong with this knit.
First the pattern. I modified this pattern so much that the only original part is the lace detail. I added more length from the cast on edge to start of armhole. I am 51 and showing my navel isn't my idea of a great look! I increased the length of the armhole from 7.5 inches to 8.5. After adding the crochet edging it is a nice 8 inches. I also narrowed the shoulder by an inch. The start of the vee neck is quite plunging so instead of a crochet edge I pickup the stitches and did several rows of purl to add 1/2".

Second the yarn. I ordered the cotton yarn from Elann, same yarn as the pattern calls for. Geez, and I ordered so much of this stuff, different colorways, lots of summer knitting all lined up, well shame on me for not just ordering enough for this project to test drive it! The colors are not at all like what is shown on line. The texture of this cotton is like knitting with fishing line, stiff and plasticky. And the color...hate it. It reminds me of those orange peanut shaped marshmellows.

TENSION issues. This yarn was so unforgiving.
I thought it would soften after a wash and block...nope!
Just the same stiff top as it was before the wash.

The top fits nicely, just doesn't feel all that great.

I do like the lace detail. It adds so much to this basic top.
I think I will make this (my) pattern again but with a nice soft cotton. Don't know what that will be yet.

When I think about the cost of this item I guess you get what you pay for. $10.

I have lots of wash cloths in my future!

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Knitted Gems said...

It looks so pretty!
I'm sorry it's not soft and lovely to wear.

Renee said...

Hi, I'm revknits on Ravelry -- it's a pretty top, too bad about the feel of the whole thing. See you on Ravelry!