Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring Fever?

It seems a bit odd that I would be so excited to knit gloves when the weather is so warm and beautiful for this time of year in the Bay Area. I am being seduced by this new book and the exciting innovative patterns throughout, and mostly by this cashmere yarn I just purchased from Marin Fiber Arts blowout sale. It is so absolutely gorgeous I can't put it down. I will pretend it is not Spring, the weather is sunny, the air is warm and fragrant...nope I will completely forget all about that.

I bought 4 balls of the teal and 2 balls of the olive. I wanted more olive yarn but I waited too long to pick it up. There were 8 balls in the bin, I picked up two and went on about looking at the other yarns...less than 30 seconds later I decided I should pick up 2 more balls. I went back to the cashmere bin and it was all gone. GONE...and in the hands of someone else at the check out counter. She saw how excited I was over this yarn and swooped in like a hawk when I stepped away...My loss.

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