Monday, April 07, 2008


My beautiful blue cardi is finished!!! I don't have snazzy photos of me modeling the sweater(maybe later), but you can get the turned out very nice and I am very pleased. The organic nature of the yarn is growing on me more and more.
It fits me better than I anticipated and the finishing is so professional!
There are lots of people knitting this pattern on Ravelry and commenting on the bottom edge rolling too much (and coming up with all kinds of strange alternatives to the original pattern) - that's why knitted pieces are blocked. Yes, my bottom edge rolled and look at it now after blocking...smooth and flat. After a project is knitted there is more to do than just sewing it up and moving on to the next thing. So many projects I see on Ravelry don't take the finishing step seriously and they end up looking home made instead of hand made.
I steam blocked instead of wet blocked since there is a combination of wool and silk. I will most likely be dry cleaning this one when cleaning time comes around even though when I did do a test for color fastness and shrinkage, and the dye didn't run and it didn't shrink.
I am stalled on Yosemite - just so much of the same boring pattern. My intention was to have it finished in a couple of weeks so I could give it to my sister for her birthday!!! I have knit half of it and it just sits there staring at me with a punitive glare (if a sweater could actually do that) screaming at me to pick it up. I snubbed my nose at it and raided my stash and started another sweater in spite! I went to my knitting library and flipped through a few books and found the perfect alternative to Yosemite, at least for now. I won't say what it is just now but will reveal it after I have made more progress on it.

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Marie said...

The sweater looks fantastic! You did a wonderful job.

Thanks for the info on Yosemite. I had my eye on it, but was worried I might get bored.