Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stress Kills

Stress and fatigue can be very dangerous. They always say...stress kills. I have now experienced the power of stress and what a toll it has played on the body. This past week I developed mastitis. No, I don't breastfeed (to old for that) and contrary to what most people think about this illness, anyone can get it. So I am taking high powered antibiotics, resting a lot and I am plugging away on the knitting when I feel some energy.

I am half finished with the right front and then the last sleeve to do. I am getting anxious to finish this cardi so I can wear it. I am still enjoying the pattern but I have found myself drifting to other projects. I just can't sit still when there is so much to knit out there. I see something on Ravelry, or in a magazine and I get this incredible urge to start! If I could focus and just stay with it I think I would have finished this up by now...but that's the way it goes.

I still love this yarn and have gotten used to the striated effect which seems most noticeable on the stockinette part. There is a big pool on the back, which is unfortunate, but just a characteristic of the yarn.

Love these buttons. I picked them up at Stitches West for another project in mind at the time, but these work perfectly for this sweater. Just the right size...just the right color...just right!

I finally gave into temptation and ordered the KnitPicks Options needles. They sure are slow to send things, very annoying especially when you want it now! They give you the 5 to 14 day shipping window (waiting time) took all of those 14 days to get them and not including the 3 days before when I actually placed the order. Webs on the other hand is fast, fast, fast! I ordered some yarn and it arrived in 3 days, including the day I placed the order. Now that is customer satisfaction.

After I received the needles I had to take them for a test drive, and since I have developed a cable obsession lately I started this sweater. The needles are really nice to knit with. They have a nice taper and point to them. I really don't like blunt tips, makes too much work.

Posted by PicasaThis is the start of the sleeve. The pattern has tons of texture and richness. Now enough of this rambling and back to the knitting.

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Marie said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well.
Your sweater is looking lovely as it comes together.
I don't blame you for caving and buying the Options needles. I think a needle kit is essential to any avid Knitter.
Feel better soon.