Friday, May 16, 2008

Hotter then HELL

This heat wave is killing a/c in this hot house. I live in Marin Co, just north of San Francisco and we are in the midst of a killer heat wave. Yesterday it was 98 outside and 88 in the house. I work out of my home office so I don't have the opportunity to hang out in an air conditioned work environment...not a very productive day and today is just a carbon copy!

A couple of things I am currently working on - Mr. Greenjeans cardigan from I call mine Ms. Periwinkle Jeans. The photo does not accurately represent the color at all. It really isn't that gray looking. This is a fun knit, top down all in the round - no seaming!!!! I just have the sleeves to finish up and it is wearable, and by the time they are finished I hope this heat wave is too. I decided not to do the button that the pattern called for so I could leave it open or add one of my favorite pins if I wanted it closed. The cool thing about knitting in top down you can try it on as you go - no unwanted surprises in the end.

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