Monday, May 19, 2008

Let's Go Shopping

Elisa's Nest Tote is finished!

This free pattern from Ravelry is a fun fast knit.
I finished making the handles this morning and boy are my fingers sore from all that i-cording. I did it on US#3 DPs to make it dense so it wouldn't stretch too much when it is fully loaded with farmer's market goodies or anything for that matter. I am very pleased with the finished results even though I did make a few boo-boo's along the way. I will probably be the only one that will notice so I am not too upset with my efforts. And anyway its a veggie tote which will probably end up getting stained from cherries or some other juicy fruit!

Relaxed it is about 10" x 12". The i-cord handles are 18" long stretched making it very comfortable to sling over the shoulder.

You can see how it really stretches when it is loaded up.

I am planning on making more of these to use up all that Sonata yarn from Elann that I purchased months ago. Sonata is just too stiff for clothing but for totes it works so well.

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paul meketa said...

you really create funny things with your hands. :)
kisses from argentina

Gnat said...

That's awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Your poor hands!

MRS MJW said...

Lovely bag. The color is perfect.