Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fingerless Mitts - Quick and Easy

What's not to love about fingerless mitts. I wore these cute pink ones the other day and a woman mentioned to me how much she loved them but they were so hard to find and when you did find them in a store they cost over $40. We knitters are so lucky to be able to whip out a pair in a day and have the cost be less than $10, depending on the yarn used.

This pattern is easy and fun and can be found for free on Ysolda's blog. I already mentioned the particulars on another post so I won't repeat here. I am planning on making a few more in different colorways using the same Rowan Felted Tweed yarn. I think one of the things I like the most about this pattern and the yarn is the mitt is not bulky so you don't feel like you have "paws" on your hands.

This mitt below I made-up the pattern. I had bought this alpaca yarn to make a sweater last Fall...well, I never made that sweater - didn't like the pattern. The yarn just sat around and after poking around in my stash I decided that a pair of mitts would be perfect. I doubled the yarn to get a worsted weight and improvised as I went along. They are friendly mitts but sort of on the "paw" side. I actually love them to throw on when I go for my afternoon walks, which lately have been very chilly.

The yarn is Drops Alpaca knit on #5 dpns. I started with a garter cuff and worked into stockinette body with no additional increases. I like thumbs with gussetts so that is included. Easy and quick, soft and warm. My basic fingerless mitt. There are lots of options you can create with this basic pattern.

Happy Knitting!!!

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Dee said...

Those are really lovely.

Marie said...

I didn't know you were still using this old blog. I had removed it from my list and was just watching your Wordpress blog.

Great mitts! I especially love the wine colored ones.