Sunday, January 18, 2009

Going With The Flow

Norah Gaughan's Flow that is...

Last week I ordered Seduce from came so fast via usps. A couple of days before that I ordered yarn for another Norah sweater (more on that another day) and it still isn't here. Webs sent that yarn UPS, or slow boat to China. I guess if it weighs a certain amount they go with the cheapest route. Who knows, who cares. I am just happy I have something to work on now. After receiving it yesterday I promptly went to work on Flow. This will be my second Flow. I love the patten so much, fits well, looks great, etc. The last Flow I made was with Berocco's Soft Twist. It turned out okay and was a suitable substitution but now I am making Flow with Seduce the way it was designed. The yarn is luscious. I love the color green and this hue is just my shade.

I have about 4 inches into it already. This is a super easy pattern to knit. The pattern calls for us#8. When I started out with the size 8 it was so sloppy and gauzy I went down to a size us#6 and have gauge and like it much better.

The yarn is a mixture of rayon and linen with little bit of nylon for strength. It is slippery which is why I am using my Knit Pick Harmony interchangeable needles. So not a problem.

Tomorrow is the MLKJ holiday so lot's of knitting time.

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