Friday, August 10, 2007

Once a Weaver...then a a Knitter

My spinning old are you? Purchased you in college and that was 1977...collecting dust in the bedroom, however pretty to look at, you are now employed to work again. The front leg fell off when I started to spin. That was quickly repaired by my husband. Thank goodness, after all the excitement of using it again I would have been really upset if it was forever broken. I purchased this roving specifically for socks. It has been treated to become super wash yarn. It was fun to spin but I put way too much twist on it. When I went to ply it it became all kinked up and distorted. The color way is Tahiti. The colors in the roving are beautiful, however when you ply the singles it sort of went muddy. I am thinking it might be okay for socks, subtle muddy socks. The bottom skein was some random roving I found in my LYS. Not really enough to make anything other than a hat?

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