Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Works In Progress

This heat wave is starting to become unbearable. It is just 12:30 PM, the outside temp is 92 [expected to reach triple digits], inside my unconditioned home it is 84...I have fans blowing lots of hot air around the rooms, but it is very uncomfortable. I can't knit all that well either because the sweat from my hands makes the yarn "stick" to the kneedles and that drag is a drag.
Since my Cuisinart accident a week ago last Monday, I just hobble around the house - house bound. Starting to get a little stir-crazy. I haven't mustered up the courage to take the steri-strip off the wound but I think I really need to do that today or at the very least tomorrow. Who knows what is lurking under that make-shift stitch.
I am using up the last couple of balls of the wasabi shawl yarn to make a HAND towel...ala Mason/Dixon book. And trying to knit lace, Miss Lambert's Shetland Shawl. Ooooh, I have to concentrate so hard on the pattern so I don't mess up the stitches. I have really never knitted lace before, well I have knitted sort of lace scarves but nothing this elaborate. I have one repeat sequence finished - 47 more to go and that's just the middle section, then I have to edge the damn thing.

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