Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wasabi Shawl

Looks a lot like a spider web...the pattern calls it a flower petal shawl - don't think so. Minus a few mistakes it turned out okay. I finished it last night around midnight and was so excited to see it blocked and pinned out. This morning I took out the pins and put it on. Not bad...It blocked to the specified size on the pattern, however, if I were to knit this pattern again I might select another edge treatment. Those pointed edges really enhance the "spidery" look, perhaps a little too much.
I was eating some wasabi peanuts...the color of the treated nut is exactly the same as this shawl.

Moving on the the next project on the kneedles...the pie r square modified shawl. And what to do with the extra yarn from Wasabi...guest towels!!!!!!Posted by Picasa

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