Wednesday, March 05, 2008

How Did The Bear Cross The Road?

So, how did the bear cross the road?
This is an incredible story. Read to the end to see the photos.
A bear was walking across the 'Rainbow Bridge' in Truckee California, on the I-80, California / Nevada State line, when two cars also crossed the bridge from both directions. The bear was so scared, with no place to run, made a leap over the side of the bridge.
The motorists stopped their cars in horror of what just happened and ran to the edge to see how badly the bear was injured. To their amazement, they saw that bear had somehow grasped the lower ledge of the bridge support as it fell and pulled itself back up.
The authorities were notified that night and after making an assessment, they decided there was nothing that could be done until the following morning.
Authorities returned at day break to find the bear sleeping on the ledge of the bridge support. A large, construction style, safety net was hung under the bridge and the bear was shot with a tranquilizer dart then safely lowered to the ground below.
The first line sounds like the opening of a bad joke but here are the pictures...


And that is how the bear crossed the road.Posted by Picasa
I received this email and had to share this amazing story....nothing to do with knitting but sometimes thats the way it goes.

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