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I finished one Fetching yesterday. Hmmm...looks okay in these pictures, actually quite lovely, but let's critique:
1. Either I have really large hands [average]or there is something wrong with this pattern as written. I may be in the minority here after reading all the fetching entries on Ravelry. I had to increase the length by ten rows and I should have gone on to 15 rows. I added an extra cable repeat to the end...and did not do that picot bind-off [just too stretchy and sloppy]. I still think the length is too short and does not conform to the human hand.

2. The thumb does not take into consideration any gusseting for comfort, it just pokes out on the side. And here again, if I had stuck to the 4 rounds the pattern suggests, I would have had barely enough to keep my thumb warm. I did 10 rounds and I could have gone to 15.

3. The wrist cables are lovely, again I would have repeated one more cable repeat.

4. The anatomy of a human hand: the wrist is smaller than the palm and tapers smaller near the fingers. This pattern does not take that into you end up with a very tight mitt around the knuckle area and too wide at the end.

With all that I think I am going to frog and redux with alterations. Oh! and I forgot to mention: I used Plymouth Alpaca/silk DK on a size us#4. I can get this on and it is snug but does that mean if I used a yarn equivalent to what the pattern suggests, would it have been way to big?
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