Friday, November 30, 2007

Slow and Steady


The Russian Coat is starting to become a thrill, yes, a thrill. It is on gauge and the measurements are matching up nicely. I do have a few things to correct on the right side of the coat. Two of the hexagons need a couple of last rows removed to get rid of that nipple effect, then I can move onto the cuff for that side and then the big sew up time begins. I always get nervous at this stage in game...I have just one and a half balls left of the Jasper. I need at least half a ball to finish the cuff...I sure hope that the ribbing takes only one ball...from the picture in the magazine it looks fairly wide and I have to go all around the neck and front...scary!
I have worked on this coat starting on Nov. 6Th...all the other projects have taken a back seat while I have diligently knitted away on it,so finishing this up this weekend will feel good...but I think I am catching a cold. I feel really run down and have a stiff neck and scratchy throat. Woke up at 5AM this morning to the clanking sound of the garbage collectors. I don't understand why they can't start at 6 AM or at least try to keep the broken glass noise to a minimum....then the dog wanted to go out at 5:30. Can't I ever get to sleep anymore? I was so tired I missed my yoga class too. This weekend I plan to start dragging out the Christmas decorations and then next week the dreaded Christmas shopping! It's the most wonderful time of the year...not.
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Tina said...

have you finished your beautiful russian coat??? i am so impatient to see it... i am sure it will be very nice