Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On The Clap Wagon


Started my Clapotis this past Saturday. So far so good. I have reservations about the yarn choice for this project.Jo Sharp -Silkroad Aran Tweed. Great for a sweater...may be too thick and rough for a wrap. Time will tell how I really feel about it. The pattern itself is easy and very addicting, and at the same time frustrating...so much repeative work and all that waiting for 12 rows to get a rush of excitement dropping that one stitch! I was in my LYS yesterday and I actually found myself looking at yarns for the next one, so I must be lovin' it!

No pics of the Russian Coat progress...but I did really go on a departure from the pattern steps. I am working on the skirt...it is sucking so much yarn up. I am just about a couple of inches away from starting the Peruvia body and I have already gone through 3 balls of Jasper. I got a little bored with the bodice and a little frustrated with the pattern. My hexs are getting that "nipple" on them. I really hope I don't have to rip out what I have done. I think I will try the next one and take Norah's direction, leave off the last two rows of the final decrease. It is knitting to guage so I really don't understand why this is happening, unless it is just another Vague Knitting error with the pattern.

My husband came home with this miracle drink yesterday. Mona-Vie. comes in a wine bottle with a screw cap. Tastes okay. Expensive. The new answer to eternal youth.
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