Saturday, November 24, 2007

Surviving The Turkey



I am glad Thanksgiving 2007 is over. A lot of cooking and repeat dinner, AGAIN. I was going to make turkey enchiladas but I have so much of the "other" stuff still to eat...really looking forward to dinner tonight - not! This was the first year I brined the bird...a must for the future. I was impressed how flavorful and moist it is. And you know, not a big deal either. Get the brining bags at Williams-Sonoma and use the brining recipe on the box. The bags are a bit pricey, but you can reuse them.

The skirt on the Russian Coat is finished. I started the bodice pieces on the other side yesterday. The hexagons I originally worked on will need some work to get rid of that "nipple" effect. This coat has consumed my time lately. I have not even touched anything else on the must finish list. We were going to travel over to Mammoth Lakes for turkey day weekend but Theo got sick. While I was packing things up I had all my WIP bags all neatly tucked into the knitting unrealistic I was actually thinking I would even touch them...lots to do before Christmas starts swamping me.
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