Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day of Spring

Pretty day for the first day of Spring!

Blossoms from my garden.

Cherry Blossoms....

Pink Peach Blossoms...

More Pink Peach Blossoms,

and what's on my traveling needles, aka mindless knitting. I really like knitting with this yarn and I think any kind of stitch pattern would become lost in the texture so just plain stockinette works fine. Not exactly spring knitting, but socks of some sort are always on the needles at any time of the year.

I am making good progress on the Printed Silk Cardigan. The back is finished, one sleeve finished and half of the left front. I would like to have that sweater finished in a couple of weeks so I can move on to the next queued sweater. I ordered a bunch of cotton/tencel yarn yesterday from WEBS for the Yosemite top that I am making for my sister's birthday. I have one month to get that started and finished. I plan to modify the pattern slightly and not do the sleeves. I think this top will look great on Lisa. She is thin and has big boobs and with the negative ease (the pattern says 7 inches...that's a lot) it will be perfect for her.

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Knitted Gems said...

I can't believe you have things blooming already. Nothing is blooming here except for crocuses.

I fell in love with the Yosemite pattern too. It's in my queue. Hopefully, I'll make it someday soon.

Libby said...

You have blossoms?!?!?! That is awesome. I love the green Soleil and I also like the Blue fabric is really gorgeous.